2015-07-01 Measuring equipment in the air at SCK•CEN
2015-06-22 Hans Vanmarcke is the new vice-chairman of the United Nations UNSCEAR Committee
2015-06-15 Discover the SCK•CEN 2014 highlights in our new brochure
2015-05-15 SCK•CEN contributes to improving the effectiveness of worldwide nuclear explosion monitoring
2015-05-07 A challenging future for the medical radioisotope
2015-04-28 Live video call between SCK•CEN and ISS a success
2015-04-23 Belgian schools participate in an in-flight call with an astronaut in ISS
2015-04-03 Frank Hardeman is appointed Deputy Director General of SCK•CEN
2015-03-25 Update for reactor BR2
2015-03-20 After 40 years of research, a policy decision on geological disposal of high-level and/or long-lived waste becomes possible
2015-03-04 Public fire brigade drill at SCK•CEN
2015-01-19 Derrick Gosselin, Chairman of SCK•CEN, to attend the World Economic Forum
2015-01-12 Belgian scientists use new technology in search for elementary particles
2015-01-09 MYRRHA included in European Commission investment plan for 1.5 billion euros
2014-12-03 Medical radioisotope production
2014-11-27 Kleine brand geblust in gebouw BR3 - geen gevolgen voor mens en omgeving
2014-11-06 25 years of research into the ultimate recycling
2014-11-05 SCK•CEN and IRSN renew collaboration
2014-10-23 Tony Lahoutte wins SCK•CEN Scientific Award ‘Prof. Roger Van Geen’
2014-10-10 Public fire brigade drill at SCK•CEN
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Laurent Lemmens finishes fourth in the Battle of the Scientists