2019-01-03 Partnership between SCK•CEN and the IRE
2018-11-29 SCK•CEN boosts its collaborations with Morocco
2018-10-12 Discover the SCK•CEN highlights 2017
2018-10-09 SCK•CEN joins Global Morpho Pharma’s network and announces collaboration with IRE ELiT
2018-09-20 SCK•CEN signs the Green deal “Companies and biodiversity”
2018-09-19 All eyes on MYRRHA during the 62nd IAEA General Conference
2018-09-07 Realization of a new large research infrastructure in Belgium MYRRHA
2018-08-21 WWII plane crash commemorated on SCK•CEN’s premises
2018-07-04 Residential area at the Boeretang in Mol gets facelift
2018-07-02 NOMAD develops techniques to monitor vessel steel closely
2018-06-27 SCK•CEN and Argentina extend cooperation on nuclear safety
2018-05-30 SCK•CEN brought a breath of fresh Antarctica air to the Sound of Science festival
2018-05-18 School from Brussels wins the Nuclear Game Challenge
2018-04-05 Peter Baeten appointed as SCK•CEN’s new Deputy Director-General
2018-03-21 IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano visits SCK•CEN
2018-03-16 Memorandum of Understanding between Canada and Belgium
2018-02-22 Frank Hardeman, future Director General of FANC
2017-12-21 SCK•CEN publishes study on the presence of radioactive ruthenium-106 together with the RMI
2017-12-21 SoLid starts on quest for most elusive particle
2017-12-06 Researcher Sarah Baatout joins Princess Elisabeth Antarctica
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