SCK•CEN comes to a collaboration agreement with the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute


On Thursday 15 June, SCK•CEN has signed a collaboration agreement with its Korean counterpart, KAERI, the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute. This agreement was concluded upon the economic mission in the Republic of Korea, attended by Her Royal Highness Princess Astrid and Secretary of State for Foreign Trade, Pieter De Crem.

Together with KAERI, the largest nuclear research institute in the Republic of Korea, SCK•CEN will join forces in the field of nuclear science and technologies. KAERI with his multi-purpose research reactor and SCK•CEN with its innovative research infrastructure MYRRHA are internationally known. The agreement between both centers will focus mainly on four important research fields:

  • Development and qualification of innovative more safe fuel for research reactors as well as new targets for the production of a new generation of medical radioisotopes.
  • Development of advanced instrumentation for future reactors. KAERI, with its expertise in sodium reactors, and SCK•CEN, with the first prototype of a lead-bismuth cooled reactor, MYRRHA, will share the results of their research to develop advanced instrumentation in opaque media.
  • Development of new methods to manage highly radioactive nuclear waste and spent fuel.
  • Dismantling of the KORI-1. The Belgian Research Centre has an unique expertise in this domain.

"We are delighted with this new collaboration agreement. Sharing our knowledge is paramount to move nuclear science forward. Thanks to the progress made by our two centres being brought together, we will be able to speed up the development of new solutions aimed at improving the safety of our nuclear installations and contributing to a customized medicine." states Eric van Walle, Director-General of SCK•CEN.

"We believe international cooperation is an important driving force for active technology development. Today we have laid the foundation for collaboration between Belgium and Korea and each shared their strengths within the nuclear industry. I hope the synergy between the two institutes will lead to practical results that can contribute to the sustainable use of nuclear energy." explains Jaejoo Ha, President of KAERI.

    From the top left to the right bottom:

    Pieter De Crem, Secretary of State for Foreign Trade
    Her Royal Highness Princess Astrid
    Yang Hee Choi, Minister of MSIP
    Tae Min Bae, Director General of MSIP

    Hamid Aït Abderrahim, Deputy Director-General of SCK•CEN
    Eric van Walle, Director-General of SCK•CEN
    Derrick Gosselin, Chairman of the Board of Governors of SCK•CEN
    JaeJoo Ha, President of KAERI
    Kee-Chan Song, Senior Vice President for Nuclear Fuel Cycle Technology
    In-Cheol Lim, Senior Vice President for Radiation Science