2019-09-18 Nuclear medicine aroused interest at the 63rd IAEA General Conference
2019-09-09 30 scientists from 10 countries: an international exercise brings nuclear disarmament verification one step closer
2019-09-06 False alarm on 5 September (8 p.m.)
2019-09-05 First material transport from Fleurus to Mol
2019-08-28 SCK•CEN Academy launches Nuclear Role-Play Contest
2019-08-22 Discover the SCK•CEN highlights 2018
2019-08-19 Limited release of radioactive Selenium during manipulation: no impact on employees, population or environment
2019-08-06 Moon farming: SCK•CEN sends experiment into space
2019-06-27 Emergency planning exercise at SCK•CEN
2019-06-26 His Majesty the King visits SCK•CEN
2019-06-13 SCK•CEN opens new Emergency Planning Room
2019-05-29 Escape room SCK•CEN major success at Sound of Science
2019-05-17 Citizen science at Fukushima
2019-05-16 Anomaly in shielded cell for handling radio-isotopes: no impact on employees, population or environment
2019-05-15 Sound of Science? Sounds like music to your ears!
2019-05-10 Nuclear medicine: Belgium takes the lead
2019-05-01 Renovation of Residential Quarter at Boeretang in Mol has been started
2019-04-25 SCK•CEN researcher Bjorn Baselet nominated for ‘Wetenschapstalent 2019’
2019-04-12 Genes reveal radiation dose received
2019-04-01 Pupils of European Schools experiment with science at SCK•CEN
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Laurent Lemmens finishes fourth in the Battle of the Scientists