Brief presentation

SCK•CEN is one of the largest research institutions in Belgium. Every day, more than 750 employees dedicate themselves to developing peaceful applications of radioactivity. Our developments have already resulted in a long list of innovative and forward-looking applications for the medical world, industry and the energy sector. We are renowned for our expertise world-wide.

In the course of our work, there are three main research topics:


SCK•CEN collaborates with numerous research partners both at home and abroad. The work performed by SCK•CEN has a direct effect upon various aspects of our daily life. Besides our work as a research centre, we also organise training courses and offer specialist services including consultancy.


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Our mission

As a foundation of public utility, the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre conducts groundbreaking research into nuclear energy and ionising radiation for civilian use, and develops nuclear technologies for socially valuable purposes. We achieve this by means of independent, fundamental and applied research, and by providing advice, training, services and products.

Our vision

SCK•CEN aims to be a leading research institution and a centre of excellence at an international level. Driven by inspired scientists and engineers, in combination with a unique infrastructure, we aim to develop innovative technologies that provide solutions for the social issues and requirements in the field of nuclear energy and ionising radiation. Safety and durability are always the key priorities.


Our values


  • Absolute priority to safety in all its aspects, including security and environmental impact, both in terms of research and services, and in the operation of the corporate facilities.
  • Correct use of the available resources at the service of science and society.


  • Knowledge, expertise and the provision of services at a world-class level.
  • Research with a focus on challenges and opportunities.
  • Scientific projects and publications at the top level.


  • Room for creativity in the presentation and development of applications and innovative projects.
  • Stimulating working environment.
  • Follow-up and systematic implementation of relevant new technologies.


  • Correct and systematic application of the scientific method and ethics.
  • Decision-making and advisory process on the basis of scientific expertise.


  • Targeting the optimal use of resources and materials.
  • Contributing to solutions with regard to energy issues and the management of radioactive waste.
  • Always incorporating the societal and ethical aspects reflected in the Ethical Charter of the Centre.



An ethical charter as guide

SCK•CEN has renewed its ethical charter in 2009. All employees were given the opportunity to participate in internal debates about the nature and content of this important document. The final charter, approved by all of our employees, goes beyond traditional values such as mutual collaboration and transparency to the outside world.

The ethical charter serves as a guide because it shows how we, as an institution and as an individual contributor, should manage technologies which have unavoidable risks and many opposing views in our society.

For SCK•CEN this document is more than an internal work instrument. It is a text that should generate a permanent reflection, not only internally, but also in discussion with the outside world. Thus we are open to any kind of feedback.


SCK•CEN ethical charter

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