Researcher target development for radioisotope production (m/f)


Job description

SCK•CEN is one of the largest research institutes in Belgium. Every day, more than 700 employees dedicate themselves to developing peaceful applications of radioactivity. Our developments have already resulted in a long list of innovative and forward-looking applications for the medical world, industry and the energy sector.

Since 2016, SCK•CEN has launched a strategic program to produce medical radioisotopes and develop radiopharmaceuticals. As a researcher in target development you will be part of the Actinium team, implemented within the Radiochemistry group, which aims at producing Ac-225 for medical applications. You will be in charge of the design and production of a target that will be used for irradiations with intense beams of protons or photons to produce Ac-225. You will interact with the target station and target rig design team to implement a targetry system capable of irradiating large amounts of radium on a routine basis.

More specifically, your job includes the following aspects:

  • Design and implement the necessary equipment to produce radium targets suitable for proton or photon irradiation;

  • Ensure that target designs meet the safety requirements for irradiations of radium;

  • Autonomously and as part of a team perform and monitor scientific experimental research aimed at developing isotope production processes;

  • Work in the controlled area involving radioactive material, including glove boxes and hot cells;

  • Critically analyze, interpret and process the results in scientific reports, journals and presentations;

  • Present the research results during (international) meetings, symposia, and conferences;

  • Follow short (international) internships for acquiring the necessary expertise and knowledge related to innovative techniques;

  • Maintain your professional network and work jointly with various universities, research institutions and companies for current and future projects.


Required qualifications

  • PhD or engineer in (nuclear) Physics or Chemistry;

  • Hands-on expertise in target development, target fabrication, and irradiation of targets for nuclear experiments is an added value;

  • Competent in carrying out calculations on heat transfer and production yield;

  • Experienced in performing and monitoring physicochemical experiments in a safe and qualitative manner;

  • Able to work in a creative, result-oriented and autonomous way;

  • Enthusiastic with a sense of entrepreneurship;

  • Team player with good communication skills to work in an international context within a multidisciplinary team;

  • Fluent in English, knowledge of Dutch or willing to learn the language on short notice.


Should you have any questions, please contact

Verbruggen Véronique
+32 (0)14 33 25 79