Dismantling and decontamination

When a nuclear installation has reached the end of its service life and is to be decommissioned, for safety reasons it must be completely dismantled and decontaminated. SCK•CEN’s expertise accrued from the dismantling of the BR3 reactor can be made available at both national and international levels. This project has given us global recognition for our technical and administrative expertise with respect to reactor dismantling.

BR3 pictures

Recent projects

We have played a major part in recent years in
the dismantling/decontamination of the following:

  • the Belgonucleaire MOX (Mixed Oxide) installation in Dessel
  • the Thetis research reactor at Ghent University

Total solutions

We offer our clients tailor made full dismantling and decontamination solutions. They can include the following services:

  • Full project management including the formulation of a dismantling plan, inventory and detailed cost estimate (including costs associated with waste)
  • Evaluation of potential decontamination and dismantling techniques
  • Development of techniques tailored to the client’s requirements
  • Definition and monitoring of material housekeeping
  • Removal of nuclear fuel
  • All formalities associated with obtaining the necessary licences
  • Optimisation of employee radiation protection (ALARA)
  • Measurements required for the release of substances that are no longer radioactive.


Contact: jerome.dadoumont@sckcen.be

Radiation protection

We developed the Visiplan software programme to provide maximum protection from radiation for employees involved in dismantling and decontamination operations. This powerful, but user friendly, software programme makes it possible to replicate in advance the accrued dose in a 3D environment. This enables us to organise and plan maintenance operations in nuclear installations to ensure that employee exposure to radiation is kept to a minimum.

Website: www.visiplan.be


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