Protection from ionising radiation

It is essential to know exactly what are the effects of ionising radiation on humans and the environment. SCK•CEN studies the possible consequences of exposure in many different situations,  e.g. during the disposal of radioactive waste, the operation of nuclear power plants, in emergency situations, situation with naturally occurring radioactive substances, etc.

In the event of nuclear incidents our experts are called upon to assess the potential risks for the population. To this end we carry out local measurements. Samples of, for example, grass or water are analysed in our own laboratories. When necessary, we can also investigate internal radioactive contamination.

Our expertise helps us define workable measures to limit the impact of radiation. We also developed various techniques to decontaminate the environment following a possible radioactive contamination. In this field known as radio-ecology, we have built up an enviable international reputation over recent years.


Monitoring programme

In order to guarantee radiological safety more than 5,300 samples are taken and approximately 32,000 radioactivity analyses undertaken in Belgium each year. A large share of these are handled by SCK•CEN. Our experts analyse grass, surface and seawater, air, milk, meat and vegetable samples. We of course also closely monitor radioactivity levels at and around our own facilities.


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