SCK•CEN Academy for Nuclear Science and Technology

Sixty years of research into peaceful applications of ionising radiation has enabled SCK•CEN to build up a huge amount of in-house expertise and know-how of nuclear science and technology. Passing this on to future generations is one of the key tasks of our research centre.

Education and training

Education and training centre

With our extensive experience, involvement in the development of innovative projects and major nuclear installations and specialist laboratories we are perfectly placed to take on the role of education and training. The SCK•CEN Academy for Nuclear Science and Technology was established at the beginning of 2012 with the aim of combining all our activities in this field.

Main tasks of the SCK•CEN Academy

Within SCK•CEN, the Academy for Nuclear Science and Technology manages all education and training activities. The SCK•CEN Academy has four key tasks:

  • Provide guidance for young researchers
  • Organise academic courses and customised training for professionals
  • Offer policy support with regard to education and training matters
  • Care for critical-intellectual capacities for society 


The SCK•CEN Academy is active in all SCK•CEN nuclear research fields:

The SCK•CEN Academy operates both in Belgium and abroad. Our services are requested by the nuclear sector, medical sector, non-nuclear industry, government, research centres and the academic establishments.


Our trainers

Our training courses are run by experts who are involved in their teaching topics on a day to day basis. Furthermore, their long standing teaching experience enables them to ‘translate’ complex and technical material into practical applications.

More information


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