Fusion Target Station Project Engineer (m/f)

Accelerator & Targets Research

Job description

We are looking for a versatile Project Engineer!

Are you passionate about engineering in the nuclear sector? Are you widely employable: thermohydraulics, material strength, vacuum technology, nuclear technology, etc.?  In that case, we’re looking for you!

Job description
The Belgian Nuclear Research Centre SCK-CEN is actively working on the development and design of MYRRHA. Conceptually, MYRRHA is a subcritical reactor powered by a 600 MeV proton accelerator and cooled by a liquid eutectic mixture of lead and bismuth. The first phase of MYRRHA (the ‘Minerva’ project) has already been approved, including the construction and operation of the 100 MeV proton particle accelerator and associated facilities. The target facilities will be primarily used for the production of medical isotopes, fundamental physics research and research and testing of fusion materials. In the fusion target station, the radiation conditions of a fusion reactor are simulated with the aim of testing future structural materials and functional materials for fusion reactors.

For the design of the fusion target, we are looking for an engineer to strengthen the team. The fusion target covers many technical aspects, including thermohydraulics, material strength, vacuum technology, nuclear technology, etc. The work also includes the development of experimental set-ups for performance and safety testing. This means that the position does not only focus on studying, but also on putting knowledge into practice.

As a Fusion Target Station Project Engineer, you will:
• Familiarise yourself with the current proton radiation facilities in the world (‘Triumf’ is one example) and fusion reactor technology.
• Familiarise yourself with all the technologies required for the fusion target. For this you will build up your own expertise or learn from your colleagues.
• Critically analyse, interpret and process the results from tests and meetings, and then incorporate them into the design.
• Develop and test prototypes.
• Support the teams responsible for the integration of the project as a whole (Balance of Plant, Accelerator Design & Tests, etc.) and provide input for technical drawings.
• After finishing the work, you will provide the necessary documentation.

Required qualifications

• You have a Master degree in Engineering Science (graduate engineering), Electromechanics or a related field.
• You have experience as a project engineer.
• You are highly interested in technology. You are keen to learn and willing to follow courses and broaden your knowledge in domains with which you are not yet familiar.
• Knowledge of nuclear installations is a significant advantage.
• You excel in heat transfer and strength calculations.
• You have good communication skills, both verbally and in writing.
• You have good knowledge of English. Knowledge of Dutch and/or French or willingness to improve your knowledge of these languages.
• You have very good knowledge of MS Office.


Should you have any questions, please contact

Van Pottelbergh Patricia
+32 (0)14 33 83 14