Technical Employee-Operator PMH - 4 years

4 years

Job description

Be the key figure in medical and industrial applications
- Contribute to maintaining medical and industrial applications
- Be part of a team that knows how to get things done
- An A2 (higher secondary level) technical education
- Work in a research environment with world-famous projects and international recognition

Reactor BR2's high thermal neutron flux is perfectly suited for the routine production of many important radioisotopes that require a high specific activity. More than 50 radioisotopes are produced for medical and industrial applications.

Make the difference as a technical employee

As a technical employee, you will be the key figure in the irradiation process, maintenance of installations and many interesting associated tasks.
We expect you, our new technical employee, to be proficient in the following tasks:
Irradiation of isotopes. This includes: 
◦ Filling, sealing, cleaning and checking irradiation capsules.
◦ Compiling and loading/unloading irradiation baskets.
◦ Loading/unloading irradiation baskets in the reactor.
◦ Monitoring the irradiations.
◦ Transporting irradiation baskets/capsules to the channel/the Hot Cell or loading them into transport containers.
◦ Guaranteeing the incoming and outgoing transport of containers.

Irradiation of silicon. This includes:
◦ Receiving and unpacking crystals. Identifying and documenting damage.
◦ Organising in transport containers. Placing the material into the reactor building as planned.
◦ Loading of crystals in irradiation devices.
◦ Commencing, monitoring and documenting irradiation.
◦ Unloading (respect cooling time). Ultrasonic cleaning of crystals. Placing material outside the reactor building.
◦ Doing a release measurement. If necessary, sanding blocks. Printing off the measurement report.
◦ Repacking irradiated material and adding transport documents. Loading on a truck.

Maintenance. This includes:
◦ Carrying out cyclic and other maintenance tasks.
◦ Carrying out repairs and making improvements after discussing these.
◦ Taking part in stocking of consumables and spare parts.

Various tasks that we envisage you doing:
◦ Providing technical support within the expertise group.
◦ Various activities during shutdown periods.

Required qualifications

To be part of this strong team, you will need: 

- A diploma in higher secondary technical education (A2), in a technical field or equivalent as a result of relevant experience. A healthy interest in technology and a certain degree of skill are therefore essential. We also expect you to be familiar with a number of computer applications
- A sense of teamwork, social skills and a hands-on attitude and a can-do approach
- An excellent knowledge of Dutch and basic knowledge of French and English.
- A good awareness of your own safety and that of others by complying with the safety regulations concerning work in controlled nuclear zones;
- A positive attitude to working consecutive early/late shifts, with a willingness to carry out structural night work in the long term;
- To want to be challenged to perform physical manipulations in difficult conditions (remote underwater manipulations; wearing a pressure suit, respirator or mask). You will also work in controlled areas with (possible) controlled exposure to ionising radiation


Should you have any questions, please contact

Deben Frederik
+32 (0)14 33 25 72