Electrical and instrumentation engineer - HADES


Job description

Digging up the right data (at 225 metres below the Earth’s crust!)
As an E&I engineer, you will be responsible for the measurement instruments in our underground Hades laboratory and the on-site electrical installations. You will contribute your expertise in relation to research experiment set-ups and advise our scientists on existing or new innovative measuring techniques and sensors.

  • You will have knowledge of electrical installations, be able to carry out electrical calculations (Caneco) and develop electrical diagrams (Eplan). You will have knowledge of the AREI regulations.
  • You will manage the measurement equipment in the underground HADES research facility, and you will be responsible for, calibration, monitoring measurements, validation, keeping an inventory of the instruments and reporting the measured data.
  • You will design and implement experiments that enable our scientists to gather the right data. 
  • You will regularly work in our underground laboratory located 225m below the Earth's surface.
  • You will support research in an internationally orientated setting, working in collaboration with other teams from SCK•CEN, European research institutions and universities.
  • You will be involved in the production of technical reports and scientific articles, and produce reports on the evaluations of measurement techniques and experimental set-ups.

Required qualifications

In order to ‘dig up’ the right data:

  • You hold an engineering degree in Industrial Sciences, electrical engineering or electromechanics, with a broad knowledge of electricity and instrumentation.
  • You have knowledge of measurement techniques and sensors, as well as an interest in designing applications for the visualisation of data.
  • You have practical knowledge of IT applications, and basic knowledge of programming.
  • You have excellent communication skills that help you to work with an international, multidisciplinary team. You are therefore also fluent in spoken and written Dutch and English.
  • You have a critical mind and an eye for detail.


Should you have any questions, please contact

Sergooris Tomas
+32 (0)14 33 83 09