Head of Primary System Design – MYRRHA reactor


Job description

SCK•CEN is one of the largest research institutions in Belgium. Every day, more than 750 employees dedicate themselves to developing peaceful applications of radioactivity. Our developments have already resulted in a long list of innovative and forward-looking applications for the medical world, industry and the energy sector. We are renowned for our expertise world-wide.
SCK•CEN is actively working on designing and building a new multifunctional research installation: MYRRHA as in Multi-purpose hYbrid Research Reactor for High-tech Applications

Design MYRRHA’s core
- Design the primary system of the MYRRHA reactor
- Lead a team of world-class nuclear engineers
- Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering required
- Execute your long term strategic vision

Make your mark on the MYRRHA reactor design

You are responsible for the design of the primary system of the MYRRHA reactor. Your team’s mission is to develop the primary system into a conceptual design that is ready for an engineering partner to progress to a basic design.
Coordinate the primary system development and react quickly to possible operational or planning deviations.
- Lead a multicultural, multidisciplinary team of engineers.
- Ensure compliance of the activities with the functional and technical requirements. Report to management on the technical progress and planning.
- Keep an eye on the activities performed by R&D and licensing to continually assess the impact on your team’s design.
- Handle the planning and budget of the MYRRHA Reactor Programme.

Required qualifications

To join this frontier, you’ll need:

- A Master’s degree in Civil Mechanical Engineering. Taking along an extra master in Nuclear Engineering is probably a good idea.
- Proven experience in the management of highly technological, international projects. The design and manufacturing of industrial installations is well-known territory, just as important construction codes such as ASME and RCC-MRx.
- To be passionate about innovative reactor designs. You know all about thermo-hydraulics, mechanical analysis and the materials used in nuclear science.
- A pragmatic attitude that lets you focus on the strategic goals while establishing clear short- and mid-term objectives. You commit to this project for the long run and are able to inspire your team members.
- Good communication and people management skills. Naturally, that means your English is on par – both written and oral. Knowledge of Dutch and/or French can come in handy.


Should you have any questions, please contact

Deben Frederik
+32 (0)14 33 25 72