ICP-MS Engineer (m/f)


Job description

SCK•CEN is one of the largest research institutions in Belgium. Every day, more than 700 employees dedicate themselves to developing peaceful applications of radioactivity. Our developments have already resulted in a long list of innovative and forward-looking applications for the medical world, industry and the energy sector. We are renowned for our expertise world-wide.

The role of the ICP-MS engineer is to deliver fit-for-purpose analytical results in a timely manner (i.e. work together with our customers to deliver results of sufficient accuracy and precision within a mutually acceptable timeframe that respects the needs of the customer).

This is a hands-on job where the successful candidate will carry out routine analyses as well as being involved in method development, validation and accreditation, or analytical research projects. The successful candidate will spend the majority of their time in the lab preparing or analysing samples, verifying and processing data, and transforming these into useable results for the customer.

The tasks of the ICP-MS engineer involve:

  • Appropriate and necessary sample preparation of (radioactive) analytical samples (dissolution, dilution, preparation of calibration standards);

  • Dissolution of solid samples (eg microwave, high pressure, digiprep), where appropriate;

  • Performing ICP-MS analyses on liquid samples (using both quadrupole and sector-field ICP-MS instruments);

  • Participating in the maintenance of the ICP-MS instruments and associated equipment;

  • Quality assurance of ICP-MS results;

  • Developing, testing and validating analytical methods to determine nuclides and radionuclides;

  • Analyse critically the raw data, interpret it correctly and transform the results into technical/scientific reports/presentations for internal/external purposes;

  • Provice support to current and future projects, and participate in the out-of-office hours duty roster.

Required qualifications

  • Master in Industrial Engineering, chemistry or related, preferably specialized in analytical chemistry;

  • The successful applicant must:

    • be prepared to work with radioactive samples in the controlled and surveilled areas;

    • work as part of a team, meaning he/she must have a strong team spirit and a flair for communicating effectively;

    • be able to organise his/her own work in a flexible and efficient manner;

    • find job satisfaction from performing analyses themself (i.e. from sample preparation through analysis to reporting of results), for both routine and non-routine analyses;

    • work accurately and have an eye for detail, especially factors affecting intrument performance and measurement quality;

    • have a keen interest in quality, especially related to analytical science;

    • be highly safety conscious;

    • be proficient in the use of current IT tools (excel, word,…);

    • adapted knowledge of Dutch, French and English;

    • be prepared to work as a member of the out-of-office hours duty roster (involves being on-call outside normal working hours, a limited number of times per year);

  • Previous experience with ICP related techniques is a plus;

  • Previous professional experience is a plus;

  • Previous experience with QA procedures would be a plus.


Should you have any questions, please contact

Rosez Maïté
+32 (0)14 33 22 01