Company nurse (m/f)

External Medical Surveillance

Job description

• Taking care of the planning for periodic health examination of workers at SCK•CEN and other companies (nuclear or not) in the vicinity, as well as for temporary health examination of external contractors who carry out works in controlled areas of Class I nuclear organisations;
• Administrative management of health records and periodic legal reporting to PPT Committees and supervisory authorities;
• Carrying out biometrics, pulmonary function tests, eye tests, chest radiograph, audiometry, electrocardiogram, administering vaccines, sporadically taking blood samples;
• Providing first aid in case of accidents (and in emergency cases, sometimes making autonomous decisions);
• Participating in paramedic primary duty outside working hours (by turns);
• Assisting in decontamination of people (under the supervision of certified radiation physicians) in case of radioactive contaminations.

Required qualifications

• Bachelor’s degree (short type higher education with full curriculum) in Nursing;
• Experience in company healthcare and first aid is an asset;
• Flexible and team-oriented;
• Good knowledge of standard IT packages (MS Office);
• Good knowledge of English, Dutch and French;
• Being prepared to participate in an on-duty system (1 week out of 4 while staying within a 20 km radius of SCK•CEN’s premises in Mol).


Should you have any questions, please contact

Caeyers Daan
+32 (0)14 33 22 50