Scientific collaborator - 4 years

4 years
R&D Waste Packages

Job description

As a scientific collaborator, you will contribute to scientific programs with regards to the determination of physicochemical and hydromechanical characteristics and the long term behaviour of low and intermediate level radioactive types of waste (mostly cemented and bituminized waste, but also the hyaline final product after high temperature treatment of waste) during the temporary storage and in the final storage environment:

  • R&D in cemented waste production processes of specific liquid waste flows;
  • Characterisation of cemented waste (heat of hydration, push force, bending strength, porosity, …);
  • Characterisation of alkali-silica gels (viscosity, expansion potential, pressure after a prevented expansion, ...);
  • Development and realisation of test rigs to analyse the release of radioactive and non-radioactive elements from waste types in a highly alkaline environment, and to measure the secondary processes such as expansion, expansion pressure, waste types degradation, …;
  • Carry out experiments, write research instructions, follow up tests and measures, process and interpret results;
  • Pass on the research results to the customer during the progress meetings and via contractual reports;
  • Write scientific articles in professional literature and give presentations at conferences;
  • Follow up new progress in the research on behaviour of these types of waste.

Required qualifications

  • You obtained a Master’s degree in engineering (civil engineer) or in agricultural engineering (bio engineer), or a PhD in applied science / applied biological science.
  • Knowledge of cement chemistry and the behaviour of materials in contact with water in a cemented medium is a strong added value.
  • Experience in carrying out and interpreting tests on cement is desirable.
  • General knowledge of materials chemistry and surface analysis methods is an additional asset.
  • You like being absorbed in applied science research.
  • You are practical, creative and capable of thinking ‘out of the box’.
  • You like working in a team.
  • You show good communication and reporting skills, both orally and in writing.
  • Good knowledge of English (reading, writing, speaking) is essential. Non-Dutch speakers are expected to be prepared to acquire basic knowledge of Dutch at short notice.


Should you have any questions, please contact

Craninx An-Sofie
+32 (0)14 33 25 84