MYRRHA: a new multifunctional research reactor

Why are we building MYRRHA?

In order to guarantee the continuity of its services SCK•CEN requires large research installations. We are therefore delighted with the Belgian government’s support for the MYRRHA project.

In the long-term this unique and innovative research reactor will replace the BR2 reactor and provide even more opportunities to participate in the development of promising sustainable technologies.


This pioneering project affirms and reinforces both SCK•CEN’s and Belgium’s leading position in the nuclear energy field. MYRRHA plays a crucial role in this process as follows:

  • By facilitating pioneering research into all aspects of nuclear energy.
  • By facilitating decisions on the development of technologies to process radioactive waste via transmutation.
  • Development of advanced nuclear reactors, particularly reactor types cooled with lead-bismuth.
  • Testing of materials and components for new nuclear fission and nuclear fusion reactors.
  • Production of radioisotopes for medical diagnostics and treatment, for which there is an increasing worldwide demand.
  • Development of new radioisotopes for therapeutic purposes.
  • Production of doped silicon for electronic applications in, for example, hybrid cars and infrastructure for renewable energy generation.
  • Training of new generations of nuclear experts.
  • Fundamental research into many fields of science: nuclear physics, atomic physics, fundamental interactions, solid-state physics, nuclear medicine, etc. (More info on the ISOL@MYRRHA website)

MYRRHA pictures and 3D simulations