MYRRHA: a new multifunctional research reactor

When will MYRRHA be ready?

The development of MYRRHA started in 1997. We aim to get this multifunctional irradiation installation fully operational by 2025. In order to prepare for an intermediate evaluation by the Belgian government in 2014 we need to:

  1. Further refine and finalise the MYRRHA design.
  2. Obtain positive advice from the Federal Agency for Nuclear Control with regard to the building permit.
  3. Secure finance for 40% via an international consortium.

Future milestones

2014 - Intermediate evaluation by the Belgian government.

2017 - Conclusion of the first contracts for the manufacture of components.

2021 - Completion of component manufacture and finishing of the buildings on the Mol site.

2022 - MYRRHA assembly at SCK•CEN in Mol.

2023 - Commissioning and operational tests.

2022 - Start of the exploitation at full power.


MYRRHA pictures and 3D simulations