MYRRHA: a new multifunctional research reactor

The wider European context

Engine for innovation and the development of a European knowledge economy

The European Commission considers MYRRHA to be a high priority international project with significant societal relevance. SCK•CEN receives financial support because MYRRHA stimulates innovation throughout Europe and plays a part in the development of a dynamic knowledge economy. The Belgian government’s investment in MYRRHA also fits within the Europe 2020 strategy aimed at stimulating growth and employment throughout the Union.

MYRRHA helps Belgium achieve the objectives of this ambitious action plan, i.e. to support innovation, promote industrial activity and work towards a low carbon economy and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. We are also using MYRRHA for training purposes to enable a new generation of nuclear scientists and engineers to create a society for the future.

Sustainable nuclear energy: a European initiative

MYRRHA fits perfectly within the European Commission’s strategic plan aimed at accelerating the development of low carbon energy technologies. The latter play a vital part in the fight against global warming and efforts to secure a safe and independent energy supply for Europe.

The new approach is focused on the development of joint programmes, better utilisation of the spatial planning potential in Europe and on research, innovation and maximum exploitation of all internal market options. As an infrastructure unique in the world, MYRRHA focuses on research into nuclear waste treatment (transmutation) fissile materials for nuclear fission systems and fusion materials.


MYRRHA pictures and 3D simulations