MYRRHA: a new multifunctional research reactor

The benefits of MYRRHA for SCK•CEN,
the Kempen region and Belgium

MYRRHA has a positive impact on the development of SCK•CEN, the Kempen and Belgium, as demonstrated by a study into the socio/economic impact of the MYRRHA project, carried out by the Strategische Projectenorganisatie Kempen VZW (SPK – Kempen Strategic Project Organisation) on behalf of SCK•CEN.

Unique talent magnet

Employment engine


The MYRRHA project attracts research experts from all over the world. This strengthens our international appeal and reputation as a global knowledge centre for nuclear science. The arrival of new research talent also safeguards SCK•CEN’s future.

Combined with SCK•CEN’s strategic plan, the construction of MYRRHA creates a large number of extra jobs. When MYRRHA is operational this will amount to 2,000 additional permanent jobs. The dynamics resulting from the investment in, and operation of, MYRRHA also creates additional jobs in new companies. The study estimates approximately 300 jobs by the year 2020. They will originate from spin-offs and the attraction of high technology companies that will gravitate to the vicinity of SCK•CEN.

Financial aspects

The MYRRHA project requires an investment budget of 960 million euro,spread over a 12 year period. As the host country Belgium is financing 40%, i.e. 32 million euro per annum.

During the initial five years (2010-2014) Belgian government support will amount to 60 million euro to finance the 'Front End Engineering Design'(FEED). This comprises the following:


  1. Further refinement and finalisation of the MYRRHA design.
  2. Obtaining planning permission.
  3. Securing finance for 40% via an international consortium.


We estimate the total economic impact of the MYRRHA project from 2009 until termination of its operation in 2050 at almost 13 billion euro, 11 billion euro of which will be in Belgium.

For each euro spent on MYRRHA, the return on investment for Belgium amounts to almost 12 euro.


MYRRHA pictures and 3D simulations